Day 2 - Toronto

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This second day we'll be staying in Toronto. There's enough to see in this city with its 4.3 million inhabitants.

We start with a visit to the CN Tower, with it's 553 m high the highest free-standing tower in the world. After that visit we drive around downtown Toronto and see the shopping areas, the business district and the many restaurants.

At the same time we were standing upon the CN Tower, the terrorist attack on New York and Washington happened. Because of that the tower was closed behind our backs. Not only the tower, but all shops, large offices and tourist attractions closed as well.

We decided to take the ferry to the Toronto Islands, a collection of recreational islands, a fifteen minute trip. Here you can enjoy the quietness (not in the summer), the nature, and have a walk, take a bicycle tour or just enjoy the view of the skyline of Toronto.

The CN Tower in all its glory. CNTower.jpg (29689 bytes)
CNTowerViewToronto.jpg (104679 bytes) An outstanding view from the first lookout point at 350 m.
Another view, with the tower's own shadow over the city. c-CNTowerView.jpg (114202 bytes)
CNTowerEHEonGlassFloor.jpg (74481 bytes) The famous glass floor, from which you can look down 350 metres to the ground. Scary but fun!
Scary view all the way down. Is the glass strong enough? CNTowerGlassFloorDown.jpg (40215 bytes)
c-TorontoCityHall.jpg (99982 bytes) City hall of Toronto
Skyline of Toronto, viewed from the Toronto Islands. c-TorontoIslandsView.jpg (70458 bytes)
c-TorontoIslandsChurch.jpg (108399 bytes) Nice Church on Toronto Islands.
The church looks nice inside as well. TorontoChurchOnIslands.JPG (67678 bytes)
c-TorontoIslandsBridge.jpg (119299 bytes) Nice place for a picknick on the Toronto Islands.

The view from the top floor of our hotel, by day and by night...

TorontoSkylineDag.jpg (67644 bytes) TorontoSkylineNight.jpg (88585 bytes)

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