Day 3 - Toronto-Kingston

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Today we leave Toronto heading for Kingston. After a coffee stop at the Big Apple, a trucker's restaurant, we visit Fort Henry, an old fort built in 1830 as a defense for the Americans, who never showed up.

Fort Henry is beautiful and is 'inhabited' by soldiers, officers and other employees, actors and actresses who seem to step right out of history.

When we arrive in Kingston we make a boat trip on the St. Lawrence River with the 'Island Queen'. We are in the area of the 'Thousand Islands', famous because of its salad dressing.

We spend the night in Kingston in a hotel right beside the water, so the view is nice.

The Big Apple, famous because of its apple pie. Besides pie they seem to make lots of food with apples in it. c-BigApple.jpg (75923 bytes)
c-BigAppleGuide.jpg (74047 bytes) Nice to know where you are. Amsterdam is 5815 km far away.

The entrance of Fort Henry.

FortHenryEntranceGate.jpg (72167 bytes)
FortHenryInside.jpg (59806 bytes) Fort Henry is a historic attraction, an outdoor military museum.
 Fort Henry was the first line of defense in the cold war between British North America and the United States of America. FortHenryCannonsOnWall.jpg (62264 bytes)
FortHenryFromWall.jpg (61214 bytes) The fort is rather large what you can see on this picture. Behind every arch there are rooms like soldier rooms, officer rooms, the kitchen, school classes, weapon rooms etc.
Fort Henry is not a 'static' museum. There are 'officers' everywhere who will tell you much about Fort Henry and how life in the 19th century as a soldier was. FortHenrySoldiers.JPG (56418 bytes)
FortHenryLessons.jpg (59527 bytes) Although we don't wear the right outfit, this teacher officer teaches us something about Fort Henry in a school class, just as the soldiers were taught 150 years ago.
This is an officer's room, much more luxurious than a soldiers room, where they had to sleep with several soldiers in the same room in very tiny beds. FortHenryOfficersRoom.jpg (67748 bytes)
IslandQueen.jpg (65034 bytes) The Island Queen, which takes us on a trip on the St. Lawrence River, between several of the Thousand Islands.
Fort Henry seen from the water. It's situated on a strategic place, at the highest point of land at the convergence of the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario and the Rideau Canal. FortHenryFromTheWater.jpg (61948 bytes)
c-ThousandIslandsOne.jpg (51389 bytes) An island is defined an island when it's at least 6 square meters big, lies at least 30 cm above water level and contains at least two trees.

With these criteria in mind you can still count 1264 islands!

View of Kingston from the water. The brown/orange building on the right is our hotel. KingstonFromTheWater.JPG (58416 bytes)

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