Day 4 - Kingston-Montreal

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Via the Ivylea Parkway and a nice route parallel to the 401 highway we continue our journey to Montreal.

Before we arrive in Montreal, we visit Upper Canada Village, a historic museum showing you a typical mid 19th century Canadian community, a village where people live and work. Most houses and buildings are accessible such as the sawmill, the bakery, the school, the doctor's home, the local shop etc. You will often find people in these buildings, clothed in the wardrobe of that time. They are willing to answer all you questions.

When we arrive in Montreal we start with a city tour and visit the beautiful Basilique Du Notre Dame and the Formula 1 circuit of Montreal.

On the Ivylea Parkway we pass the Ivylea Bridge, which connects Canada with the USA. c-IvyleaBridge.jpg (64348 bytes)
UpperCanadaSawMill.JPG (97201 bytes)

The water-powered sawmill at Upper Canada Village.

The general store, for anything that couldn't be produced within the village itself. UpperCanadaStore.JPG (96516 bytes)
c-UpperCanadaClothMaking.jpg (76071 bytes) Asselstine Woollen Factory, where they are able to clean and card wool, spin it into yarn, and weave and fold cloth. All water-powered!
Horses working at the farm.  c-UpperCanadaHorseWorking.jpg (116356 bytes)
c-UpperCanadaSteamEngine.jpg (84106 bytes) The steam engine, some modern equipment for those times.
The impressive front of the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. BasiliqueNotreDame6.JPG (67207 bytes)
BasiliqueNotreDame1.JPG (83116 bytes) The even more impressive interior of this church, founded in 1642 in a wooden form, built  in stone between 1672 and 1683 and the current church was built between 1824 and 1829.
The Sanctuary and Altar. BasiliqueNotreDame5.JPG (114053 bytes)
BasiliqueNotreDame4.JPG (91911 bytes) Notre-Dame-du-Sacre-Coeur Chapel, where you can have a wedding but must make reservations for more than one year ahead!
The Formula One circuit is accessible for everyone (when there's no training or race of course) so we drove one round with our bus, starting from pole position. MontrealF1Circuit.JPG (62253 bytes)
MontrealFromF1Circuit.JPG (91204 bytes) The skyline of Montreal, taken from the Formula One circuit.
Night view of Montreal, taken from the small mountain 'Mount Royal'. MontrealByNight.JPG (62298 bytes)

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