Day 5 - Montreal-Quebec

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This morning we have some time off in Montreal. Time for some shopping in one of the largest underground shopping malls in the World. There is almost an entire underground city in Montreal. Shops, entertainment buildings such as cinemas and metro stations are connected via an underground passage which is the size of several blocks. Shops, offices and apartment buildings above the ground are connected as well. In the winter time when it's very cold you don't have to come outside for months if you like. You can live, go to work, go shopping and entertain yourself just by staying inside and underground. Then we enter our bus and via the old Olympic Park and stadium we leave Montreal.

On our way to Quebec we have lunch near a shrine: Notre Dame Du Cap in Cap de la Madeleine. In 1984 Pope John Paul II visited this shrine.

Then we take the touristic route to Quebec, the only Canadian city with complete old city walls. After arriving in our hotel in the center of Quebec, we explore the city on foot. We will stay for two nights here in Quebec.

Next to and UNDER this church there are offices and shopping areas. When there were plans for building this underground shopping area, the church owners refused to sell their church. So it's still here, enclosed by modern buildings. This photo shows the particular contrast of old and new. MontrealChurchOffice.JPG (85323 bytes)
MontrealOlympicStadium.JPG (60659 bytes) The Olympic Stadium, built for the 1976 Olympic Games. The tower was supposed to lift the roof of the stadium, but they had many, many problems constructing it. Because of all the money it already had cost they decided to mount the roof to the stadium and abondon the idea of the roof that can be lifted.
Notre Dame Du Cap. CapDeLaMadeleine.JPG (70334 bytes)
StainedGlass1.JPG (60699 bytes) Beautiful stained glass, made by a famous Duchtman: Jan Tillemans.
 Quebec, one of the entrance gates. QuebecGate1.JPG (66129 bytes)
c-QuebecClarendonHotel.jpg (70044 bytes) Our hotel in the town center, the Clarendon Hotel.
A small street in Quebec where artists show their talents. QuebecPaintingStreet.JPG (86208 bytes)
QuebecChatFrontenacNight.JPG (57137 bytes) The Chateau Frontenac, overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Built in the time the Canadian Pacific Railway was built, meant for travellers. Now is a luxurious hotel.
From the upper part of Quebec's town center, you have a nice view of the St. Lawrence River and the cruise ships that have a stop in Quebec.
QuebecViewWater.JPG (57985 bytes) QuebecNight.JPG (59489 bytes)

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