Day 7 - Quebec-Ottawa

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After a quick tour arond Quebec we leave this beautiful city and are heading for Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. Today we have lunch at a sugar factory and maple syrup factory called 'Sucrerie de la Montagne'. It's situated in the woods, surrounded by maple trees. Here we get a demonstration and explanation of how maple syrup is made. In the sucrerie it's made in the old-fashioned way. We have a nice lunch with the whole group, while being entertained with live music. Of course there are pancakes for desert with maple syrup filling.

After lunch we have some time to walk around in the woods. After that we leave for Ottawa. It's a nice route to Ottawa, as you see on one of the photos.

In Ottawa we do a city tour by bus, where the main sights are shown to us. Tomorrow we have the whole day in Ottawa, so now we already know where to find everything.

Le Sucrerie de la Montagne. SucrerieMontagne0.JPG (99687 bytes)
SucrerieMontagne5.JPG (136437 bytes) Nicely situated in the woods. Here they collect the maple syrup from several thousand maple trees by tapping the saps from the tree trunks. This (transparant) sap is being cooked for a long time while it gets thicker and gets the typical flavour and colour. It becomes maple syrup.
One of the buildings of the sucrerie. c-SucrerieMontagneCabane.jpg (103501 bytes)
SucrerieMontagne2.JPG (93982 bytes) Already having fun at the lunch table, and we didn't even have maple syrup yet!
This man gave an explanation of how maple syrup is made. I don't know his name any more, but he looks like Santa Clause to me, incognito. SucrerieMontagne1.JPG (66133 bytes)
SucrerieMontagne3.JPG (85532 bytes) Some entertainment during our lunch.
Some cheerful fellows keeping us entertained. SucrerieMontagne4.JPG (78071 bytes)
WoodsAndWater.JPG (85369 bytes) After leaving the sucrerie we travel through the woods heading for Ottawa. Here's a nice view.
Ottawa, on the Ottawa river. Ottawa1.JPG (58078 bytes)

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