Day 8 - Ottawa

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Today we'll stay the whole day in Ottawa. There is enough to see in this city. In the morning we visit Parliament Hill, the parliament building in Ottawa. The afternoon we are free to do what we like. But... our tour guide was willing to give us a tour of Ottawa by renting a bicycle and cycling through Ottawa. It wasn't in the program books of our bustour but only the very good idea of our tour guide. Everyone of the tour group who liked the idea could join voluntarily. Many of our group did so we ended up in a big line of cyclists following the tour guide through Ottawa. Even our bus driver (who had a day off) was joining us and it was a lot of fun. While sitting on a bicycle you are in the outside air and you can enjoy this city even more. And as you can see on the photos, the weather was beautiful!

After our bicycle tour we take a boat trip on the Rideau Canal, which stretches from Kingston near Lake Ontario to Ottawa.

After some shopping and having dinner we end this day. Tomorrow is a long trip to Midland.

A view of the Ottawa river. Ottawa2.JPG (59167 bytes)
OttawaParliament.JPG (51253 bytes) One of the parliament buildings of Ottawa.
Parliament Hill. Inside 'Parliament Hill' where we had a guided tour, we visited the famous Library of Parliament, with all the wooden bookcases and panelling. c-OttawaParliament.jpg (65106 bytes)
c-OttawaBikeTour.jpg (69609 bytes) The Govener's house, which we were allowed to see by the security guard at the front gate. This was during our bicycle tour.
 Impression of our bicycle tour. OttawaBikeTour.JPG (97906 bytes)
OttawaUSAembassy.JPG (117944 bytes) The American embassy. An impressive sight: all the flowers, drawings, cuddly toys and other remembrances dedicated to the persons who died during the terrorist attack on sept. 11 2001.
Our friends, my wife and me, in this order. c-OttawaBikeTourMEHE.jpg (80690 bytes)
OttawaRestaurant.JPG (84820 bytes) Taking a break during our bicycle tour near the Ottawa river.
The Rideau falls, the connection between Ottawa river and the Rideau Canal. OttawaFalls1.JPG (96246 bytes)
OttawaRideauLocks.JPG (81319 bytes) The Rideau Locks. It will cost you 1.5 hours to pass these eight locks, with a total lift of more than 24 meters.
A boat trip on the Rideau Canal. This canal stretches from Kingston near Lake Ontario to Ottawa. OttawaRideauBoatTour.JPG (75179 bytes)
OttawaRideauCanal.JPG (84084 bytes) The Rideau Canal. In the winter time when the canal is frozen it's fun skating here. We were told that the Winter Carnival is fun as well!

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