Day 9 - Ottawa-Midland

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Today we have to drive 440 km, so we will spend some time in the bus. However, the landscape is beautiful. First we visit Algonquin Park. Algonquin Park stretches for 7,725 square kilometres. It's a nature reserve of woods, rugged hills, lakes and rivers. Formerly the woods in this park were used for logging.

Our tour guide and bus driver had another wonderful idea. Instead of having lunch at a museum's restaurant or at some McDonalds or something like that on a parking lot, they came up with the idea of having a picknick in the woods on a nice spot. This idea was introduced by them yesterday in Ottawa and everybody agreed to do that. So everybody paid their share and our tour guide and bus driver spent some time shopping in supermarkets in Ottawa yesterday evening to provide us with a nice picknick. Plan A was to have the picknick in the open air. Because the weather isn't that nice today, there was decided to do plan B: having a picknick in a wooden cabin in the woods!

In the afternoon we visit the logging museum and walk the Hardwood Lookout Trail. Later this afternoon we visit some nice water falls. Much nature today.

In the beginning of the evening we arrive at Midland, a very small town where there isn't much to do. We can have some rest here before we arrive at one of the highlights tomorrow: Niagara Falls!

A nice lookout over the Algonquin Park. AlgonquinPark.JPG (91411 bytes)
AlgonquinParkBear.JPG (113195 bytes) In Algonquin park there's much wildlife. However, the animals don't show themselves easily to visitors. This Black Bear is an exception. It's a stuffed animal in the visitor center of Algonquin Park.
On our way to Midland we pass the beautiful red-colored maple trees. Right now (september) they have started to turn red. RedMapleTrees1.JPG (58082 bytes)
RedMapleTrees2.JPG (109556 bytes) This color is real although it seems a bit unnatural.
 More red colors. RedMapleTrees3.JPG (134442 bytes)
Swamp.JPG (69018 bytes) A swamp in Algonquin Park, where logging used to take place. The water was used as a transport medium for the logs.
This old steam boat was used in the old logging days. c-SteamBoatForLogs.jpg (70001 bytes)
WoodenCabin.JPG (113377 bytes) One of the wooden cabins, in which one of them we had a picknick lunch.
Our tour guide and bus driver did some very good shopping for our picknick as you can see. FransVincentPickNick.JPG (88510 bytes)
WoodenCabinPickNick.JPG (92541 bytes) Nice and cosy in the wooden cabin. This picknick was a success.
Some nice small water falls. Notice the lonely small red-colored maple tree. AlgonquinParkFalls1.JPG (92561 bytes)
AlgonquinParkFalls2.JPG (93590 bytes) The same water, from the other side.
Nice contrast between the white water, black rocks, green trees and this one red maple tree. AlgonquinParkFalls3.JPG (106794 bytes)

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