Day 11 - Niagara Falls-Toronto

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We don't leave Niagara Falls yet. The bus leaves a few hours later today, which gives us the chance to do a bit more 'Falls'. There's another impressive attraction where we didn't have time for yesterday: Journey Behind the Falls. You take the elevator down and walk in an underground tunnel, which ends just behind the falls!

After leaving Niagara Falls we visit the small town a few kilometres from the Niagara Falls: Niagara on the lake. It's a nice little town with a pittoresque shopping street with shops on both sides.

After some shopping in Niagara on the Lake the bus takes us back to Toronto, to the same hotel, where our trip started. Tonight we have the 'Farewell To East Canada Dinner', a dinner with the whole group, tour leader and bus driver. Here we can say goodbye to our fellow passengers who don't do the Western part of our trip.

This ends the Eastern part of our journey. Tomorrow we'll fly with a total of 8 travelling companions and our tour leader to Calgary, where the western part of the journey starts.

Today it's sunny wheather. Here you see the bridge that connects Canada with the USA. NiagaraViewBack2.JPG (78738 bytes)
c-Niagara1.jpg (62596 bytes) On the lower right there is an observation platform. It will be very wet out there.
Yes, it is wet. This picture is taken from the observation platform that you could see on the prevous picture. This platform belongs to the 'Journey Behind The Falls' attraction. c-Niagara2.jpg (40747 bytes)
NiagaraSun1.JPG (81849 bytes) Look how beautiful the sun shines on the water.
A nice thing about the Niagara Falls is that you can walk right next to it. From the sidewalk you can take pictures like this.  NiagaraSun2.JPG (86648 bytes)
NiagaraSun4.JPG (56524 bytes) On this picture the 'horseshoe' form of the Falls can be seen well.
This drawing shows some facts and figures about the Falls. NiagaraPlateMap.jpg (86978 bytes)
NiagaraPlateErosion.jpg (207382 bytes) Here you can see the erosion process of the Falls.
The Journey Behind The Falls: you take the elevator down, walk a few metres in a tunnel and then you reach the observation platform. Now were really close to the Falls. NiagaraBehindFalls1.JPG (48634 bytes)
NiagaraBehindFalls2.JPG (48825 bytes) It's a wet spot here, right upon the observation platform.
We continue down the tunnel and the end of the tunnel is here, just behind the Falls. All you can see is a lot of water coming down, with an amazing noise and rumbling sound. NiagaraBehindFalls3.JPG (52705 bytes)
NiagaraPlateBehindFalls.jpg (68482 bytes) This is a map of the attraction 'Journey Behind The Falls'. You can see the observation platform and the two tunnel ends.
The Whirlpool, a bit further down the river. The water has to make a turn here, which results in a giant whirlpool. NiagaraWhirlpool.JPG (86571 bytes)
NiagaraByTheLake.JPG (67205 bytes) This is the small town 'Niagara by the lake', where we have lunch and do some shopping.

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