Day 12 - Toronto-Calgary

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This morning we get up early for our flight to Calgary, where the second part of our trip starts. After a two hour delay but a nice flight we arrive in Calgary in the beginning of the afternoon, local time.

On our way to the hotel the tour guide tells us a lot about this city, so when we have the afternoon for ourselves, we already know our way around this city for a bit. A nice thing to know is that you can walk around the city center without coming outside. Many hotels, shops, offices and apartments are connected to each other via walkways that are 5 metres above ground level. These connections are a sort of 'bridges' between the buildings and are closed and heated. When it gets very cold in the winter time this is a pleasant way to walk around.

That afternoon we walk around the city center and visit for example the Calgary Tower, from which you have a nice view over the city. We have a good dinner at a chinese restaurant in China Town.

One of the skyscrapers of Calgary. You can see the Calgary Tower in the reflection of the glass. CalgarySkyscraper.JPG (68107 bytes)

CalgaryTower.JPG (58381 bytes) The Calgary Tower, 191 metres high.
A view of Calgary, taken from the Calgary Tower. CalgaryFromTower1.JPG (106409 bytes)
CalgaryFromTower2.JPG (105778 bytes) Another view of Calgary.
The famous ice skating stadium of Calgary, called 'The Saddle Dome', because of the saddle form of the building. CalgarySaddleDome.JPG (125124 bytes)
c-CalgaryFromTower.jpg (100492 bytes) The large building on the picture is the new Calgary Municipal Building.
This is the Calgary Municipal Building from a closer point of view. CalgaryCityHall.JPG (99185 bytes)
Tomorrow we will meet the rest of the tour group, the ones that didn't do the trip in the Eastern part of Canada and we continue the tour with the same tour guide but another bus driver.

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