Day 14 - Banff

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A busy day today. We are going to enjoy more of the Rocky Mountains. A hiking trail, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Sulphur Mountain and the city of Banff are the places we are going to visit today.

All the places we visit today belong to the Banff National Park.

You can find a very interesting travel guide for Banff National Park here: Banff National Park Travel Guide. This guide is part of the website "OutsideHow" with many more interesting guides about national parks.

Enjoy the photos of the beautiful nature. This is Canada on its best!

The starting point of the Johnston Canyon Trail. JohnstonTrail0.JPG (131882 bytes)
c-JohnstonTrail.jpg (205018 bytes) This trail leads through a canyon to two water falls.
Here are the 'Lower Falls' JohnstonTrail1.JPG (115389 bytes)
JohnstonTrail2.JPG (135662 bytes) When you enter the little cave you can come real close to the water fall.
 Moraine Lake. You can hear the quietness here. MoraineLake1.JPG (52892 bytes)
MoraineLake2.JPG (84949 bytes) Another view of Moraine Lake, the most beautiful lake we have seen this trip. A 360� picture can be found here.
Lake Louise, another beautiful lake. It's more crowded here with tourists than at Moraine Lake.
LakeLouise2.JPG (41308 bytes) Lake Louise.
The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Built in the times that the Canadian Pacific Railroad was built. It's a hotel in Chateau style.

This side looks out over Lake Louise.

LakeLouiseHotel1.JPG (92968 bytes)
LakeLouiseHotel2.JPG (60651 bytes) Chateau Lake Louise from the other side.
Back in Banff we take the Banff Gondola to Sulphur Mountain. The gondola takes you from 1583 m to 2281 m, the top of Sulphur Mountain. It gives you a stunning view over Banff and its surroundings. SulphurMountainGondola.JPG (86072 bytes)
SulphurMountainTop1.JPG (113803 bytes) Here we're standing near the upper terminal of the Banff Gondola. From there you can take a walk to the real summit called 'Sanson's Peak', as you see on this photo. It's a lot of climbing up and down. But they have made stairs for everyone...
Here we are, on Sanson's Peak. Now were looking at the upper terminal of the Banff Gondola. Here on Sanson's Peak there is an old observatory, built in 1903. SulphurMountainTop2.JPG (104064 bytes)
SulphurMountainBanffView.JPG (103865 bytes) A look down from Sanson's Peak. Way down you can see Banff.
On top of the upper terminal of Banff Gondola there a webcam installed. Here's the address to have a live view of this camera:

v-BanffWebCam.jpg (112904 bytes)
BanffShoppingStreet.JPG (69252 bytes) Down in Banff. Shops and restaurants in this street.
The Banff Railway Station. Many long cargo trains pass here.

There's a fine restaurant in the old station building.

c-BanffRailwayStation.jpg (53493 bytes)

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