Day 16 - Jasper-Kamloops (Sun Peaks)

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The destination today is Sun Peaks Resort, a typical holiday village in the mountains that is still being built. It looks a bit like Whistler (see day 17) but it isn't finished yet. Everwhere you look there are people building new hotels, restaurants and houses.

We leave early in the morning because we have to drive 440 kilometres today and we still like avoid being in the bus for several hours without any break.

We pass the highest mountain of Canada, Mount Robson (3954 metres high) in Mount Robson Park and drive alongside the Fraser River. At the coffee break we all buy our lunch so we can have a picknick at a nice spot: Spahats Creek Falls, in the Trophy Mountainarea. This canyon is more than 70 metres high.

Since we didn't see any bears yet this holiday, our tour guide thinks today must be 'bear day'. Today is almost the last day that we are in the area where bears live so we all hope to see one today.

And yes! Just before we arrive at Sun Peaks, we see a young Black Bear near the road. Our bus driver tests his breaks and we all see him. The bear however decides not to stay and runs into the woods. We made two photos but because of the hurry we were in, they were blurred and the bear wasn't visible on them.

My wife Esther, who was lucky to see the bear first, made a note in the 'Bear log book' of Sun Peaks. Everybody who sees wild animals is asked to do this, so this book gives an overview of the wild life in the neighbourhood.

We stayed in the Nancy Greene's Cahilty Lodge. Nancy Greene is one of Canada's most famous sports women. She was a Olympic Champion skiing and won several other medals. Now she's skiing ambassador for Sun Peaks.

The colored morning light in Jasper. JasperMorningLight.JPG (35307 bytes)
MountRobsonPark.JPG (70100 bytes) Canada is famous of its lakes that reflect the surroundings like a mirror. This is a lake in Mount Robson Park.
The Mount Robson, the highest mountain of Canada. It's 3954 metres high. MountRobson.JPG (49132 bytes)
FrasierRiver.JPG (92910 bytes) We drive a while along the Fraser River.
Near Trophy Mountain is a deep canyon called Spahats Creek Canyon, where we have our picknick lunch.

The Spahats Creek Falls have a height of 65 metres. The canyon is even higher, as you can see on the photo.

TrophyMountainCanyon1.JPG (119799 bytes)
TrophyMountainCanyon2.JPG (122032 bytes) It's very steep here, the canyon is deep and narrow.
On the upper right you can see the fences of our picknick location. Now you can have a better understanding of the depth of this canyon. TrophyMountainCanyon3.JPG (114578 bytes)
TrophyMountainCanyon4.JPG (93995 bytes) We're no longer in the Rocky Mountains but in the Columbia Mountains. Less beautiful in our opinion. But there are a lot of trees here where many animals live. Bears for example.
We did see a bear today, near Sun Peaks. Not this one however. Because we didn't succeed in making a good photo, here's a bear (stuffed) for you. It's in a museum. MuseumBlackBear.JPG (88205 bytes)
We stayed in Nancy Greene's Cahilty Lodge in Sun Peaks Resort, near Kamloops.

Nancy welcomed us personally and chatted somewhat with us. She even waved us goodbye the next morning.

Nancy Greene, now skiing ambassador for Sun Peaks and hotel owner, was named Canada's Female Athlete of the 20th Century. She won 1967 and 1968 overall World Cup titles and the 1968 Gold and Silver Olympic medals.

Nancy gave us this card and autographed it.

o-NancyGreeneSignature.jpg (76006 bytes)

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