Day 17 - Sun Peaks (Kamloops)-Whistler

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We are travelling today from one ski area, Sun Peaks Resort, to another, Whistler.

Unfortunately this is one of the less interesting days today. Whistler is a nice town but the way to it is not that interesting. We drive past Kamloops and Kamloops Lake to Lillooet, where we have lunch. In the old days Lillooet was a goldrush town, but that was long ago. Now there isn't much to do. After Lillooet we follow the winding road through the Lillooet Range to Whistler.

Whistler is a ski resort just like Sun Peaks will be in the future. But they have more or less finished building in Whistler. Therefore it's a more enjoyable town. But the nice weather has run out on us. It's raining, it's cold and the clouds are very low.

Lake Kamloops. LakeKamloops.JPG (55134 bytes)
KamloopsView.JPG (48517 bytes) Somewhere near Kamloops on our way to Lillooet.
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Whistler1.JPG (49498 bytes) Whistler. All buildings are built according to the same type of architecture.
It's not the busiest time of year now (september). But when the snow begins to fall, this town flourishes. But even now it's nice to walk around. Most of the shops, hotels and restaurants are built in and around a carless area. Whistler2.JPG (78896 bytes)
WhistlerDeltaSuite1.JPG (66980 bytes) We're staying at the Delta Whistler Village Suites hotel. All the rooms are suites. This is a picture of our suite: bedroom with TV, living room with TV, full kitchen, lounge chair and dining table.
Left to the refridgerator, behind the door there's a washing machine and a dryer.

It's a pity that we only stay for one night here.


WhistlerDeltaSuite2.JPG (65312 bytes)

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