Day 20 - Victoria-Vancouver

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Today it's the last official day of our bus tour. We are going to Vancouver, from where each one of our tour group will travel home of maybe further. Most of us are travelling tomorrow evening, so we have an extra day: day 21, which we can spend in Vancouver.

But the day has just begun. We start by driving to the ferry that takes us to Vancouver. In Vancouver we do a city tour with our bus, we drive on the Lions Gate Bridge to Stanley Park where we can view the sky line of Vancouver and look at the totem poles.

Then we visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park, a long hanging footbridge over the Capilano Canyon. Because it's 150 metres long and almost 80 metres above Capilano River AND because the bridge is a bit shaky and swinging when you walk on it, it's a nice attraction in Vancouver, together with the accompanying park.

Our hotel has a fantastic view over the bay, where large cargo ships and cruise ships are passing by.

In the evening we have a Farewell to Western Canada Dinner with the whole tour group, the tour guide and our bus driver for this western part of our trip. In the hotel bar we say goodbye to our travel companions, with whom we had a great time. And of course we thank our bus driver and our tour guide Paul, whom we have travelled with for three weeks now. Thank you Paul! It was great!

Tomorrow we have some time left in Vancouver before our plane departs to Amsterdam. So we can explore Vancouver a little more. So some more pictures of Vancouver can be viewed on the page of tomorrow, day 21.

The ferry that takes us to Vancouver. FerryToVancouver.JPG (57827 bytes)
VancouverHotelView.JPG (66861 bytes) The view from our hotel room over the bay.
The Lions Gate Bridge to Stanley Park. VancouverLionsGateBridge1.JPG (93733 bytes)
VancouverLionsGateBridge2.JPG (65851 bytes) The Lions Gate Bridge.
 Skyline of Vancouver, taken from Stanley Park. VancouverSkyline.JPG (73284 bytes)
VancouverTotems1.JPG (127138 bytes) Totem Poles in Stanley Park.
Totem Poles in Stanley Park. VancouverTotems2.JPG (100060 bytes)
c-CapilanoBridgeSign.jpg (88390 bytes)

A visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park.

It's difficult to walk on this bridge without grabbing the railing. CapilanoSuspension1.JPG (109154 bytes)
CapilanoSuspension2.JPG (91189 bytes) People who are afraid of heights will have to think twice before crossing this bridge.
Here you can see the height of the bridge. Almost 80 metres above the Capilano River. CapilanoSuspension3.JPG (145359 bytes)

VancouverCruiseShip1.JPG (53341 bytes) It's busy with cruise ships at the terminal. From here there are for example cruises to Alaska.
Vancouver by night, taken from our hotel room. On the right there's the cruise ship passenger terminal. VancouverByNight1.JPG (56676 bytes)
VancouverByNight2.JPG (36409 bytes) Another photo of Vancouver by night.

The light on the middle-left part of the photo is a floating gas station, to be used by ships.

More pictures of Vancouver can be seen on the next day, day 21!

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