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Today is really the last day of our holiday. Our plane leaves in the evening so we have some time left.

Vancouver has a lookout tower as well, just as we visited in Toronto, Niagara Falls and Calgary. So we are going to visit this tower too.

After our visit to the lookout tower we walk around in Vancouver and go to see Gastown with Gassy Jack and the famous Steam Clock.

We finish our holiday in style: we hire a limousine to take us to the airport. We share the costs with six persons (our friends and two other travel companions from Belgium who must be at the airport at the same time). That's just as expensive as hiring two taxicabs that you would need for six people. This is a tip for others: consider hiring a limo when you are with a few people. It's fun to be in one for maybe once in a lifetime.

A view from the Vancouver Lookout Tower at Harbour Centre. It's 174 metres high. VancouverViewFromTower1.JPG (113507 bytes)
VancouverViewFromTower2.JPG (96587 bytes) Another cruise ship has docked already. We saw two leaving yesterday.
Another view from the Lookout Tower. VancouverViewFromTower3.JPG (79113 bytes)
c-VancouverTower2.jpg (79788 bytes) In the distance you can see Mount Baker in Washington State. It's over 140 km away!
Gassy Jack. His real name was John Deighton. This statue is situated in Gastown.

Gassy Jack was a saloon and hotel owner and an important man for the development of Gastown, now a district of Vancouver.

VancouverSteamGassieJack.JPG (121705 bytes)
VancouverSteamClock2.JPG (119070 bytes) The steam clock, fully powered by steam. It whistles the tune of London's Big Ben, the Westminister Chimes, every hour. Every quarter of an hour it playes a part of this tune.

Click the speaker icon to hear the steam clock whistle.

Steam clock

Our limousine, which takes us to the airport. c-VancouverLimousine.jpg (100218 bytes)
v-VancouverLimo1.jpg (183482 bytes) This limo can hold eight passengers and a ninth one next to the driver.

Right now it holds six tourists with six large suitcases. The driver had some difficulty to get all the suitcases in. But he succeeded and we gave him a generous tip.

(Photo by V. Lecomte)

Here we go, up to the airport. The end of a great holiday.

(Photo by V. Lecomte)

v-VancouverLimo2.jpg (155220 bytes)
The End

This ends the report of our travelling days. We'd like to thank you for your visit to this travelogue. We hope you have liked it and enjoyed the photos. We would appreciate it when you write a small message in our guestbook. You could send an e-mail as well.

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