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If you are interested in getting the full electronic versions of the photos that are published in the travelogue, please read the instructions below.

Every photo is placed in two formats on the pages, a small one with medium quality and a medium size with high quality that you see when you click the small one. The full size, high quality photos use too much space to publish online. But you can request those photos to me. This is what you must do.

  • Click here to generate an empty e-mail (or make a new e-mail yourself) to me with the subject 'photo request'.
  • Please write down the names of the photos you'd like to have. There are two ways to determine the name of the photo you need the name of:
    • 'Hover' with your mouse above a small photo. In the 'tooltip' text (see figure 1) the name of the photo and its size are displayed. Write down the name of the photo (xxxx.jpg) in the e-mail.
    • Click the small photo to view the large one. In the 'Address' bar of your browser the full path to the photo AND the name of the photo are displayed. The name of the photo is the last part after the last '\' sign (see figure 2). Write down the name of the photo in the e-mail.
  • Send the e-mail to me, having a list of the photo names you request. I will send the photos to you by e-mail.

There are three things that you must know about the photos:

  1. The full versions of those photos vary in size from 600kb to 800kb a piece. Please keep in mind that the e-mail I send you can be rather large in size when you request a lot of photos. I will send more smaller e-mails in that case but be prepared for some large e-mails that can take a while to download.
  2. Most photos are taken with a digital camera. Other photos are taken with a conventional camera and scanned afterwards. The names of the conventional photos all begin with 'c-' (the c of conventional).
  3. A few photos are taken by Vincent LeComte. The names of these photos start with 'v-' (v of Vincent). I will ask his permission before sending the full versions.

Figure 1
Figure 2

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