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Day 21
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On this page there are a few pictures of the wild animals we have seen during our tour. Because we were on a tour with a bus and with 50 persons in the East and 25 persons in the West you don't see as many animals as you would like but nevertheless, we saw some.

We did see a black bear on our way to Sun Peaks Resort (Kamloops) but didn't succeed in making a good picture. We hereby ask our travel companions if they have a good picture of that bear! Please let us know.

Squirrel. ButchartGardensSquirrel.JPG (87858 bytes)
c-Squirrel.jpg (103030 bytes) Another squirrel.
Bighorn sheep? c-WildLife.jpg (110448 bytes)
c-Wildlife2.jpg (81669 bytes) Moose.
 Racoons. Racoons.JPG (122745 bytes)
WildElk1.JPG (119618 bytes) Elk.
Elk. WildElk2.JPG (100640 bytes)
Some important information about bears in case you encounter them:

Bearwarning.jpg (256811 bytes)

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Day 21