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  Veracruz - Mexico

Veracruz is a relatively new cruise ship destination. It's an old city founded in 1519 by the Spanish Explorer Hernan Cortez as the first European colony in Mexico. Not many cruise ships dock here, but when they do, festivities are organized as you will see on the last pictures.

What to do here? You can explore the city with its Aquarium, you can go shopping or visit the Zempoala archeological zone with old temples and a real gladiator circle. Also rafting, scuba diving or snorkeling are some possibilities.

Page introduction photo
Our ship, docked in the harbor, but at walking distance from the city center.
This is the view from the ship. At the right hand side you can see some industry and harbor buildings. The square right in front looks brand new and offers space for some festivities.
Another view of the ship, taken from the new pier.
The Carranza lighthouse. It has been the home to Naval Secretariat since 1935.
It's still early. The souvenir stalls are being set up. In the afternoon (only when a cruise ship is visiting the city), this boulevard is crowded with many, many souvenir stalls.
A bit touristic, but still a nice and easy way to see the city: a tour with the tourist old tram trolly.
During our tram tour we pass a lot of (fish) restaurants, situated along the coast line.

For more information about the city of Veracruz, visit this Wikipedia article
A full view of the tram. It crosses the city for a few bucks.
Because not so many cruise ships visit Veracruz, such a large ship is a tourist attraction. It's a nice background for the live music and other festivities that are organized this evening on the boulevard and square. From the ship we have a great view.
At 11.30 pm we leave Veracruz. The music has come to an end and all the people on the shore are waving us goodbye. We feel a bit like movie stars. We felt very welcome in Veracruz and the authorities are doing their best for the tourists to let themselves feel comfortable.