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  Cruise FAQ

This is the page with frequently asked questions. Many people have all sorts of questions about cruising. Some of these questions will be answered here. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. For the address see the 'about/info' page. I will extend this page with new questions in the future.

Q In my cruise schedule there are several 'sea days', where the ship will be spending a day at sea. Will I be bored those days?
A Definitely not. On sea days there is a lot to do on the ship. Many activities will be organized, such as games, mini-seminars, art auctions, little sports tournaments et cetera. And there is always the casino, the shops, the fitness center and spa, the library, the internet corner and two swimming pools and whirlpools.

Q Will I get sea sick?
A Hard to say. Probably not but it's possible. Cruise ships are rather big so they will move a lot less than small ships. But they can move and will mostly move a little bit, depending on the wind and the size of the waves. Fortunately most cruise ships have stabelizers that reduce the rocking of the ship for a large part. And you won't have bad weather for a long time. Last but not least: you will get used to the movement of the ship. If you have a weird feeling in your stomach, probably it won't be for long. A person's body has the power to accommodate itself to strange movements. In the case you still get sea sick, the ship's doctors will be pleased to provide you with a small pill against sea sickness, which mostly helps within a short time. In general, I wouldn't be too woried about this.

Q I thought that cruising is only for older, retired people?
A No, not at all. Cruising can be fun for everyone. However, you won't see many children. Personally, I think that cruising in general is somewhat less suitable for children, but cruise lines do their best to organize activities for them and to give them their own youth or children corner where they can meet, watch movies, play games etc. If you like the luxury of a hotel room travelling with you -in fact the whole 4-star or 5-star hotel is travelling with you, if you like seeing a lot of places in a short amount of time, if you like good food, meeting nice people from different countries, dance on live music or just sit in the sun with a good book, you will like cruising. And that's not only for older and retired people. I have to admit however that the average age on board is rather high. But that's mainly because retired people have more time (especially in the US where people with a job don't have many days off). A second reason is that for younger people with children cruising is rather expensive. Personally, I don't see it as a problem to be one of the younger people on board.

Q Is cruising expensive?
A Cruising is not cheap, but you don't have to be a milionaire to be able to do a cruise. You can make it as expensive as you like. When you like to stay in a suite or room with balcony, do a lot of expensive shore excursions, buy art at the onboard art auctions, lose a lot of money in the casino and drink a lot of expensive alcoholic drinks and cocktails, it will be more expensive. Here's a list of the main expenses when you go cruising: • Cruise fare (depending on size of room and location - inside with no window, window, balcony, suite) • Air fare for flight from home to port of departure (depends on where you live and where the cruise starts) • Airport taxes • Port taxes (depend on the ports of call the cruise ship visits) • Transfers to and from the ship to and from hotel or airport • Drinks onboard, excluding coffee, tea, water, milk and juices with breakfast and lunch (depends on how much you drink) • Shore excursions • Souvenirs • Tips or gratuities for the room attandants and the waiters • Use of Internet onboard • Use of other paid services onboard, such as spa treatments, hairdresser, laundry, phone • Casino expenses, unless you win of course ;-)