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  Huatulco - Mexico

After two nights and one full day at sea we arrive at Huatulco, Mexico. With Acapulco still in our mind, Huatulco looks very different, though not less interesting. It's still a very small place, with about 7000 residents.
The area of Huatulco, also called 'Bahías de Huatulco', is 52,000 acres in size with a 22-mile coast consisting of 9 beautiful bays and over 36 beaches.

The bay where we will dock is called Bahía de Santa Cruz.
Because the bay where we will be docked is very small and narrow, the captain turns the ship 180 degrees and sails her backwards into the bay to the pier. That's what I call a nice move.
And here we are, docked at the pier, seen from one of the streets in the Santa Cruz marina area.
The Santa Cruz Marina. It all looks very new and clean.
We decided to do a shore excursion here: 'Biking Huatulco', a 3 hrs tour downhill to Tongolunda Beach Park for relaxing and swimming, then to the upscale hotel area of Tangolunda Bay and return along the boulevard ascending to Chahue Bay with a stop in the little town called 'La Crucesita', all part of the area of Huatulco.
It's nice to do a tour on a mountainbike, but here's some advice: don't do it on a very hot day at noon, when the sun is at its highest point. It was very, very, very hot. Some of the roads go downhill, but some go uphill. 'Guests must be in good physical condition', the brochure says. They can't be more right!

But here we are being rewarded with a nice view of the area.
The first stop during the mountain bike tour is Tangolunda Beach. This looks like some secret passage from the road to the beach.
Time to cool off on Tangolunda Beach. It's a very quiet beach, for the time being…During the 1980's, Huatulco was chosen by the government agency Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo as one of the ports to develop into a major tourism destination.
In the background you see the rooftop of one of the most luxureous hotels in the area. One of many to come…
After some relaxing on the beach we are on our way again, following the guides.
Some colorful flowers during the mountain bike tour.
Feeling like Lance Armstrong on the Alpe d'Huez, all alone. Am I the first one of the group or maybe the last one?
The second long stop (after many short stops to rest and drink many bottles of cold water, provided by the very friendly guides) is in the town center of La Crucesita.
One of the most colorful buildings in La Crucesita.
A nice church in the town of La Crucesita.
We're leaving Huatulco again. In the coming years it will develop itself into a larger and larger tourist area. I think that you won't recognize it when you come back in 10 years.