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  The Ship - Legend of the Seas

On this page you will find photos of the ship's interior and exterior. With these photos perhaps it's easier for you to imagine how large a cruise ship is and that you don't have to feel locked up. If you have questions, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. See the 'About/Info' page on how to contact me. Enjoy!
Page introduction photo
With a total of 14 decks, not all accessible for guests, you can say it's a floating village.
The lowest few decks are for the crew. And when you're lucky as a crew member, you have a window. But many of them are sleeping in a small cabin with no windows. I feel a bit sorry for the crew members for that. As a guest, you're much better off. However, the cheapest cabins you can book on a cruise ship, are the cabins with no windows. The most expensive one is the Penthouse suite, on the rear of the ship with a view to three directions! You must first win the lottery to be able to book this cabin ;-)
This is an 'ocean view' stateroom. This means that you have a window overlooking the ocean. You also have interior staterooms (no window), balcony staterooms (with a balcony) and the suites (larger, with balcony). For more information and some 360 degree pictures, click here.
A closeup of a part of our stateroom. The room attendant makes up your room at least twice a day. When you are having dinner, your bed is made up like this, ready for the night.
This is one long hallway, with doors to the staterooms. Just like a big hotel, but somewhat smaller and more narrow.
This is the atrium, which stretches over 5 decks, in the center location of the ship. Many of the ships' facilities are centered around this atrium. There are two panoramic elevators, comfy seats, the excursion desk, the front desk, the library, the internet corner, etc.
This is one of the two panoramic elevators inside the atrium.
Some facts:
Maiden Voyage: May 16, 1995
Passenger Capacity: 2,076
Gross Tonnage: 70,000
Length: 867 feet (264 meters)
Beam: 105 feet (32 meters)
Draft: 24.5' (7.5 meters)
Cruising Speed: 24 knots (44.5 km/h)
This is one of the two pools, the outside pool, with two whirl pools and plenty of sun beds. The pool is on deck 9, and one level higher, where this photo is taken from, only at the sides around the pool, is deck 10.
This is deck 10, with more sunbeds in the center part, but also some fun on the front and rear end, as you can see on the next two photos.
At the rear end of the ship's deck 10 there's an 18 hole miniature golf course.
Behind the golf course there's a real climbing wall, with instructors and all. Imagine climbing this wall when the ship's at sea, and you are more than 11 stories above the water!
This is deck 10 at night, between the sun beds and the golf course. You can play shuffle board here, or watch the inside pool through the windows.
All over the ship there are maps and models of the ship, like this, to help you find your way. You can get lost, but running away is more difficult when the ship's at sea…
This is one of the lifeboats they use for tendering. That is, like a ferry, taking people to shore and back to the ship when it's not possible to dock.
This is the Legend of the Seas in one of the locks of the Panama Canal. It seems somewhat smaller but that's because some of the decks are not visible as the water level in the lock chamber is at its lowest.
A wonderful picture of the Legend of the Seas by night.

For more information and photos about facilities on the ship and the life on board, select 'Life on board' in the menu.