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  Life on board

This page is about the life on board. You will see photos of various facilities and places on board, like the pool, the restaurant, the theater, the casino, etc. It gives you an impression of what you can do on board. Below is a photo of the Romeo and Juliet Dining Room, where the 'official' dinner is served in two seatings. You choose from the early or late seating and are assigned a table that is reserved for you during the whole cruise.
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A mandatory exercise on the first day of the cruise is the emergency drill. Every passenger must be present at his or her 'muster station', where the lifeboat is positioned where you are supposed to be sitting in, in case of an emergency.
Someone who does not attend this drill must report to the captain.
The fitness center, with lots of equipment and of course an instructor. You can use this center througout the whole day. On certain times special activities or lessons are organized. Next to the fitness center is the beauty salon.
You can also get some exercise at the 18-hole miniature golf course, accessible during day and night.
Additionally to the outside pool there's also an inside pool with a bar. The glass roof can open but mostly it stays closed. This is a more quiet pool. At the bar some afternoon snacks are served every day.
At the outside pool every afternoon there's some live 'tropical' music.
The Internet corner. Via satellite connections you can surf the Internet or send e-mails home. You must pay for this service, however.
There's not only a library with english books, but also a room to play card or board games. There are some games available for use.
There are also shops onboard. During the cruise, they change a part of their collection so there's always something new to see. Several special sales are being organized throughout the cruise.
You can buy souvenirs, clothing (even tuxedo's and dresses for the formal nights), jewelery, watches, some photo equipment and accessories, postcards, candy, liquor, perfumes, etc.
There's a theater with more than 900 seats. Every evening there is some entertainment. Sometimes a spectaculair show with dancing and singing, sometimes a musician, a standup comedian, or something else. It's a professional theater with comfortable seats.
These are the Royal Caribbean Dancers & Singers, who perform in one of the three shows on a two-week cruise. The shows are very professional with spectacular costumes and scenes.
Every theater show or performance is done twice, one after the first dinner seating and one after the second seating. So you'll won't have to miss anything, regardless of the time you are having dinner.
Additional to the theater there's also the 'Anchors Aweigh Lounge', with nice seats, a bar, a small stage and a dance floor. Many evenings live music is played here and you have the possibility to go dancing.
On deck 11 there's the Viking Crown Lounge, which is built in a round shape around the ship's funnel. You can look in all directions. At day a nice place to relax and have a good view. At night a good place to have a drink and enjoy the music played by a deejay. Sometimes there are 'theme nights', like the 70's.
For children (and others) who like to play video games there is a little corner with some video games. There's also a separate room for children where they can play games, watch moves or just hang out. Tthere are also some entertainment crew members who organize special activities for them.
Many pieces of art are present throughout the whole ship and many pieces are for sale. During the cruise, art auctions are being organized where you can buy a nice piece of art.
Of course there's a casino on the ship, with the most popular card cames, roulette, slot machines and other gambling machines. No fee to enter, but to play you will have to bring your money with you…
Back to the dinner and evening entertainment. On a two week cruise there are three or four formal nights, where the dress code is formal (tuxedo or dark suit for the men, evening dresses for the ladies), some 'smart casual' nights (a jacket with or without tie for the men, dresses or skirts for the ladies) and the rest are casual nights (no sportswear). There's always a second restaurant with a buffet where you can sit where you want, go at the time that you want and wear what you want. So it's up to you. And during the whole day, there are always one or more places where you can get snacks, if you don't like a full meal. But I must say: having dinner on a formal night in the Romeo and Juliet dining room when everybody is dressed up, has got style!
I'd like to show you some pictures of the 'midnight buffet', which is organized twice during a two week cruise. Late in the evening, at 11.30pm, the dining room is opened for a special buffet in which the ship's cooks show all they can!
It's not only nice to taste everything, but enjoy the view first!
This is chocolate!
I'd say this is an art form.
On formal and smart casual nights you can have your picture taken by professional photographers. During the rest of the cruise, these photographers are taking pictures of you during dinner, when getting off the ship at one of the destinations and at other occasions. You don't have to buy them, but you may want to. All the pictures are displayed in the photo gallery and you can pick one or more to buy.
You can always get some air at the pool deck, with romantic lights.
At the last evening many of the crew members present themselves in the Atrium during the Farewell party. The cruise director tells some facts about the ship, the crew and the passengers, thanks them and wishes everybody a good trip home.
Of course the captain does a little speech too. Every day at noon he gives all the passengers some information about the weather, the ship's position, speed, and estimated time of arrival at the next destination. He uses the ships announcement system.