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  Cabo San Lucas - Mexico

The first place we visit after leaving San Diego is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. After we left San Diego in the evening, we have 'sailed' one night, the day after (called a sea day) and another night.
The nice bay of Cabo San Lucas, where we arrived early in the morning. You can see one of the other ships of Royal Caribbean, the 'Vision of the Seas', which was doing another cruise but visited Cabo San Lucas at the same day.
Depending on the place you visit, the ship is docked somewhere in the harbour or on a pier, or the ship is anchoring in the bay, for example when the harbour is too small or shallow for such a large ship. In that case 'tenders' will be used, relatively small boats, which transfer the cruise ship passengers from the ship to the shore and back.

Now you can see how big a cruise ship is.
Every cruise ship has some special life boats that can also be used as tender boats. In Cabo San Lucas the local port authority also provides their own tender boats, like this one.
These are life boat tenders from the cruise ship, in the harbour of Cabo San Lucas.
Cabo San Lucas is situated on the end of the Baja California peninsula. There are approximately 40,000 people in Cabo San Lucas.
Most activities are centered around the harbour. There are shops and beaches nearby and you can take small or large boats to go fishing or to do some sightseeing.
We do a short excursion: a 1,5 hour boat trip along the beautiful coast. These are some impressive rock formations.
Between several of those rock formations there are some nice but small beaches.
Sea lions like to lie on the rocks and watch all the tourists.
There's our ship! We've sailed around the large rock formations and have a view of the cruise ship, as if it's grounded on the beach.
After the boat trip excursion we do some shopping and visit the beach with its golden sand. It gives us a view of all the water activities, our cruise ship 'Legend of the Seas' and her sister ship 'Vision of the Seas'.
The old lighthouse at the harbour.