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  Acapulco - Mexico

Today we're in Acapulco! The famous city along the Mexican west coast, visited by cruise ships for decades. The famous 'Love Boat' always visited this city.
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Acapulco is mostly situated around the large Acapulco Bay. Our cruise ship is docked at the pier, near the beginning of the beaches.
In Acapulco live approximately 3.2 million people. After the first hotel opened in 1934, things went fast. Now the city extends for more than 7 miles around the bay.

Here's another view of the bay, taken from the east part.
This fort, called 'Fuerte de San Diego', was built after the previous one was destroyed by an earthquake in 1776. The purpose of this fort was to provide protection against Dutch and English pirates, who were attacking trade ships that were going to Spain, fully loaded with silk, spices, porcelain, ivory, gold and silver.
The famous Acapulco Cliff Divers of La Quebrada, have been impressing audiences with their graceful dives from great heights. They have been doing that since 1934.

The banner on the rocks with the star shape is their place. This picture gives an overview of the coast where the divers are performing.
Here one of the divers gracefully flies down, with no fear at all, so it seems. Since the divers started in 1934, no fatal accidents have happened, fortunately, although some have had a few injuries now and then.
This is Bahía de Puerto Marques, a smaller bay east of Acapulco bay. Acapulco is extending to this bay. The beach is already occupied and the first large hotels are already there.
Acapulco in evening light. The city is preparing for a long night in the restaurants, bars and clubs.
Acapulco by night is just as beautiful as during the day. The thousands of lights are very impressive.
We are leaving Acapulco at 11.00pm, with lots of waving tourists on the shore. When standing on the upper deck and seeing all those people waving, you remember that such a large cruise ship is an attraction for others too.

On the background the illuminated fort.