Cruise 2006 - Mediterranean
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Our next port of call is Livorno, Italy. Livorno is located on the west coast of the Tuscany region. Livorno is an important seaport. Although you can go strolling the harbor front or visit the old fortress, we decide to book a tour that brings us to Lucca and Pisa.

The picture below is taken in Lucca, a city completely surrounded by medieval city walls. This is the Piazza Anfiteatro, where traces of the old amphitheatre can still be seen. Because of the historical centre and the city walls on which you can walk or cycle completely around the old city center, I can recommend a visit to Lucca.

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Again the Piazza Anfiteatro, where a market is being held.
Narrow streets in Lucca, where no cars are allowed except those owned by the local population.
This is the Guinigi Tower with an oak tree on top. It's 135 ft (44 m) high.
This is the Duomo de San Martino (St. Martin's tower) belonging to the San Martino cathedral, which has a history dating back to the 6th century.
The San Michele in Foro, a Roman Catholic basilica church, situated at the plaza which used to be part of the roman forum.
It's famous because of it's decorated facade and seen as one of the most wonderful churches in Italy.
One entrance in the 2.5 mile (4 km) long city wall that surrounds Lucca and is still in good shape.
Nice view on Lucca taken from the city wall.
Another view from the city wall.
The city walls are 12 meters tall. The top of the walls are paved and lined with trees. You can walk or cycle on them. When you visit Lucca, make sure to make a stroll or bicycle ride on the walls.
After our visit to Lucca we continue to Pisa, known worldwide for its Leaning Tower.
This is the Baptistry of St. John, situated near the leaning tower.
The Baptistry has a combination Romanesque style and Gothic style: the lower part is in the Romanesque style, with rounded arches. The upper part in the Gothic style, with pointed arches. The Baptistry is constructed of marble
And there she is: the Leaning Tower or simply the Tower of Pisa. It's a bell tower belonging to the cathedral. It's height is about 186 ft (57 m). The tower leans about 4 degrees.

That concludes our tour to Lucca and Pisa. Lucca is very nice, Pisa is a tourist place, but the leaning tower is a must see. Anyway, back to Livorno and our ship.

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