Cruise 2006 - Mediterranean
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  The ship - Rotterdam

On this page I try to show you more of the "Rotterdam". There are photos of many points of interest on the ship. When you're done looking at the photos, the ship's interior and exterior should be much more familiar to you. If you've always wanted to see what a cruise ship looks like inside, this is your page!
Page introduction photo
This clock is located in the Atrium, that's spanning three decks.
Some fine details of the Atrium clock.
"The Loft", a place on the upper deck especially for teenagers to hang around.
One afternoon there is a high tea served, with many delicious snacks, chocolates and cakes.
This gentlemen deserves many credits for his work. You always get a smile back.
During dinner there's some live music.
This is the elegant main dining room.
The menu changes every day. You can have up to five courses if you like, but if your prefer less courses that's no problem at all.
Because you're on holiday, you will probably forget what day of week it is. The carpet in the elevator tells you...
This is a lot of space to get a sun tan.
Every evening your cabin stewared prepares your bed for the night, makes a towel animal and gives you the next day's program.
This is the pool area on the Lido deck. The roof opens when the weather is nice.
Another towel animal. During the cruise there are one or two towel animal folding workshops.
One evening it's the "Dessert Extravaganza".
As the name tells you: it's desserts, desserts and desserts. You should be so smart to have a "light" dinner this night.
Some real pieces of art here.
The "Explorations Café". You can have a nice coffee here, read the newspaper or a book, browse the Internet or choose from a gigantic collection of music to listen to, sitting in a relaxing chair.
The shipped is full of fine art: statues, photos, paintings, etc.
One of the bars on the ship.
Another lounge. In the evening there's live music in several bars.
The coffee bar at the Explorations Café. You can have your coffee the way you like it.
There's a rather large collection of books in the library.
You can see the relaxing arm chairs where you can listen to music or read a book, and have a good view on the ocean.
You can try to make some money in the casino. Please watch the movie "Ocean's Eleven" first ;-)
There are also shops on board with souvenirs, watches, jewellery, fashion, camera's etc.
Another picture of the Atrium.
When a cruise ship visits a destination (port of call) for the first time, it receives a remembrance plate from the port authorities. As you can see the Rotterdam has sailed around the world and visited many places.
View from the upper deck on the outside pool.
The basketball and mini tennis / badminton court on the upper deck.
You can also play shuffleboard.
The Lido Pool. The roof has opened now.
View on two of the lifeboats.
This is the "Crow's Nest". It's situated on one of the upper decks and the view is great.
There's also a bar here, a dancing floor and some live music or DJ in the late hours.
The fitness center, located next to the spa, sauna and beauty salon.
The bar next to the Lido pool.
This is the "Queen's Lounge", the two story theater.
Every evening there's professional entertainment here: shows performed by Holland America's own singers and dancers, shows performed by the crew, singers, magicians, stand-up comedians, etc.
The photo gallery. There are professional photographers on the ship and you can have your picture taken. There's no obligation to buy. You can view them first in the gallery before you decide to buy one or more of them.
The art gallery. Every cruise many pieces of art are displayed in the gallery. You can buy them during art auctions held on the ship.
The "Pinnacle Grill" restaurant for some exclusive dining. But you will have to pay extra to have dinner here.
The Lido restaurant. Here you can have 'casual' breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's all buffet-style, and the menu changes during the week.

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